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Bob is the President and Founder of Falcon Wealth Managers LLC. He is also President and Founder of College Funding Solutions LLC. A licensed CPA in Pennsylvania, Bob is a CFP® Professional and holds the AICPA’s Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) Credential. He is also one of fewer than 125 professionals to have earned the Certified College Financial Consultant (CCFC®) designation. He holds a BS in Accounting from Villanova University and an MBA from Kenan-Flagler Business School (UNC-Chapel Hill).

Bob has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. He has an unmatched depth and balance of tax & financial expertise which is founded upon his 9 years of Big 4 Manager-level tax experience. His career includes 15 years of pharmaceutical pipeline compound forecasting experience.

In his free time, Bob can be found cooking for his wife and 2 sons using fresh vegetables and herbs from his Italian garden.



Financial liberation for Professionals & New Retirees

Falcon Wealth Managers liberates professionals and retirees from their financial uncertainties and enables them to focus on themselves, their careers, and their families. We provide clarity and guidance by helping families to overcome their unique financial, tax, and retirement planning challenges.

Our specific focus on families with unique financial challenges empowers us to deliver targeted and integrated tax and retirement advice with unparalleled depth and focus.

About Our Financial Planning Services | Falcon Wealth Managers




About the Logo

The peregrine falcon is a raptor that reaches speeds of up to 200 mph while maintaining a controlled and stable trajectory towards its prey. But this falcon has an olive branch in its talons and is bringing peace. 

The olive branch-peace association originated in the Old Testament story of Noah, who after being at sea for nearly a year, released a bird from the Ark that returned with an olive branch. To Noah, the olive branch meant hope, peace, new life and a new beginning.

Falcon Wealth seeks to bring control, stability, and peace of mind to families dealing with financial uncertainty.



Our “Why”

Bob is the youngest of 7 children and grew up in Western PA in a blue-collar family. At an early age, he “earned his keep” by caddying, mowing lawns, and spending many hours working in his family’s productive vegetable garden. 

By the time Bob reached high school, he focused on being the best distance runner and trumpet player that he could be. Summer runs of 7-10 miles per day plus 2 – 3 hours practicing the trumpet helped him to excel in these diverse areas. The lesson Bob learned and lived was that discipline combined with deferred gratification and grit provided an ideal foundation for his success.

Today, Bob leverages this grit each day to help his clients to achieve ideal outcomes despite their unique financial and retirement challenges. This is one of the reasons Falcon Wealth provides a myriad of services for the same approximate fee as other “advisors” who only manage investments. 

About Our Financial Planning Services | Falcon Wealth Managers