Comprehensive Advice

You don’t want to worry about your finances or taxes. Falcon Wealth will manage your investments and oversee your overall financial picture for a fee (flat or based on % of assets managed). Most likely this is less that what you pay elsewhere for investment advice alone. See Pricing here

In addition to Investment Management, we will review your financial situation from top to bottom:

Working Professionals 

  • 401(k) investing strategy
  • Maximizing workplace benefits
  • Making sure Wills and other estate docs are adequate
  • Stock option and Executive compensation strategies
  • Insurance review 
  • Maximizing College financial and merit aid*

New or “Aspiring” Retirees

  • Roth Conversion strategy
  • Social Security election strategy
  • Withdraw from IRA, Roth or taxable accounts?
  • Gifting strategies

* Offered through College Funding Solutions LLC


Read here some of the many ways that Bob has helped his clients beyond simply managing investments: Your “Big Name” Financial Advisor is Costing You “Big Bucks” (




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Advice Only - DIY Investors

One Time Project

You are comfortable investing your nest egg yourself, but you still have questions or want a second opinion. We can help to answer your questions:

  1. Have I saved enough for retirement? How much will I have to live on each year?
  2. As a DIY investor, I (or my spouse) want a second opinion on whether my money is allocated properly.
  3. When should I (and/or my spouse) start taking Social Security?
  4. Should I start doing Roth conversions? How much? When?


What’s Included

Retirement planning
Investment Analysis
Tax Planning
Social Security Analysis
Estate Planning
College Planning
Financial Goals
Financial planning
Insurance Analysis
Risk Management

What’s Not Included

Implementation of Recommendations
Specific Investment Recommendations
Investment Management
Tax Return Preparation
College Specific Financial Planning
Updates to plan after Engagement Termination


Fee for Advice Only Plans ranges from $5,000 - $15,000 depending on complexity.

You (not Falcon Wealth) are responsible for implementing this plan. Our relationship ends with the delivery of the plan. If you want help a few years down the road, we can put a new agreement in place and update the plan.